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Costs and Fees

How much is the monthly tuition?

Well, that depends on your child's age group and how many classes your child is enrolled in.

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Are there any other fees?

Each student enrolled in our program will be charged a yearly membership fee of $25.00 This fee is due when you sign your child up, and it will need to be renewed each 12 months after that. (Please see the Family Discount section for information regarding membership fees for multiple students from one family).

Are yearly membership fees refundable?

No. Fees are non-refundable.

Are there any other costs?

All other costs are completely optional. If you sign your child up for an additional activity, such as the Gymnastics Festival or a Tumbling Clinic, each activity will have a fee assigned to it and you will need to pay that fee at the time you sign up for the activity. However, there are no other mandatory costs associated with our Class Program.

What about family discounts?

Family discounts are given to families with three or more students enrolled in our program at the same time. The family discount is 25% off of the monthly tuition of the third student, and there is NOT a membership fee assessed to the third student. Now for the fine print: The 25% discount will be taken off of the lowest regular monthly tuition rate. If one or more of the students stops taking lessons, the remaining student(s) will be assessed a yearly membership fee.

When are the monthly fees due?

Tuition will be charged on the 1st of the current month for enrollment in the following month.

Are monthly statements mailed?

No. Monthly statements are not mailed. We use an Auto-Pay System for our payments. You can put a Visa, Mastercard, or Discover card on file and your tuition will be charged automatically each month. If you need an exception to this policy, please let us know and we will discuss other payment options with you.


What should we do if we decide not to attend anymore?

Once you are registered in a class, you will be enrolled in our program until we receive a Drop Form in our office. Once we have received that form, you will be un-enrolled and tuition will no longer be charged. You may pick up a form in our office. You may also download the form from our website and mail it to us. Please be sure that you mail it with enough notice so that we receive it by the 20th of the current month to avoid any additional tuition charges. You are welcome to schedule a make-up lesson for any class paid for that you were unable to attend. Up to one lesson per month.


Do I have to pay for lessons my child doesn't attend?

Our fees are based on enrollment, not attendance. If you need to miss a class, every effort will be made to let your child come to a make-up lesson instead. Although we have many choices, there are occasions when you may not be able to make any of the make-up alternatives. In these cases, you are still responsible for paying for the class, since a space was held for your child. However, you have one month to make up a missed class. Please note that make-up lessons scheduled and missed without prior notification will be considered made-up. Make-up lessons are NOT guaranteed, so we recommend you make every effort to attend your regularly scheduled class as much as possible.


What if we decide to take a vacation?

If you need to miss a class for a vacation, please let the office know in advance the date(s) your child will be gone. When you return from vacation, you can schedule a make-up lesson in another class, provided there is space available. Make-up lesson availability is NOT guaranteed. You will be charged your regular monthly fees for each month you are enrolled, whether or not your child attends every class.


What about days the gym is closed?

Most of the time, there will be four lessons in each month, but sometimes, due to the calendar and holidays, you will receive either 3 or 5. Please check the schedule for dates we are closed. For your convenience, the monthly tuition will be the same rate each month. There are no makeups for the days the gym is closed, and throughout the full calendar year you will receive either 47 or 48 lessons, depending on the calendar for that year.


Can my child practice at home?

We recommend for their safety that our students do not practice their gymnastics skills at home without proper equipment and matting. If you have access to mats or other types of equipment, never let your child use those items without proper supervision, and never allow your child to do skills that need to be spotted without a trained spotter present. We are not responsible for ANY injury resulting from practicing skills anywhere outside our facility. We also discourage our students from using home trampolines to practice or try skills. We feel they can cause students to "throw" skills they are not prepared to do alone, and may cause skills to be practiced with incorrect technique. However, basic strength and flexibility work can be done at home, such as push-ups, sit-ups, and stretching.

Can I watch my child's class?

You are welcome to watch your child's class at any time. However, we have an important safety rule that accompanies this policy: Anyone other than an enrolled student in a class with a Bailie's Instructor must stay in the seating area at all times. We will not make any exceptions to this policy! If your other children are unable to watch without getting on the equipment, we will have to ask you to wait for your gymnast outside of the gym. We are sorry for the inconvenience and we know it is hard for children to watch without "trying" it out for themselves, but this is a safety issue. We can only allow trained Bailie's instructors to take children on the equipment. Therefore, even if a piece of equipment is not being used, it cannot be played on while you are waiting. Thank you for your cooperation on this safety issue!

What if I have questions about my child's class/progress, who should I talk to?

If you have specific questions about your child's progress in class, you will need to speak directly to your child's teacher. The office staff will not be able to comment on your child's progress because they do not teach your child's class. The teacher of the class can discuss your child's check-off sheet and what skills he/she needs to accomplish before moving up to the next level. The teachers are generally available right before and right after class, but if you need a longer meeting please come into the office and we can help you arrange an appointment when the teacher has more time to talk to you.

Please keep in mind that our teachers are interested in providing the best environment for each child in the class. Our teachers will let the office know as soon as a student needs to be moved into the next level. They will make sure that the student has learned the skills both correctly and consistently in order to ensure the best chance of success at the next level.

What if I have questions about my account or schedule, who should I talk to?

During class times you can call or come to our office for questions about your account, making payments, scheduling make-ups, or arranging a permanent schedule change. Our teachers are unable to help with these aspects of your gymnastics class. Please note that the office is busiest at the top of each hour, as that is when the classes begin and end and we have a lot of customers needing help at that time. If you are unable to wait, you may want to call (801-572-4905) or come in a little later in the hour, or call in the morning or early afternoon when there are fewer classes. If you happen to reach our answering machine, please leave a message and we will call you back as soon as we can. You can also email your question to us at

Can I leave my child at the gym before and after class?

Please try not to bring your child more than five minutes before class starts, or to leave your child for more than five minutes after class. This is important for your child's safety, as we are unable to provide a staff member for each individual child other than during scheduled class times. It also is very upsetting for children who are late getting picked up from the gym. If there is an occasion when your child needs to remain at the gym longer than usual, please notify the office ahead of time.

What about the parking lot?

If you are dropping your child off, please pull up to the door slowly and let your child out. Please do not park in the drop-off area. If you need to park for any reason, please park in one of the stalls. When picking your child up, a line will form in this drop-off area and you may pull through and pick up your child, or you may park in the stalls to wait. The parking lot gets very crowded during the pick-up and drop-off times, so please be patient and courteous of other parents. Also, please drive slowly and watch out for children in the parking lot.

What should my gymnast wear? 

​​It is important for your child's safety that he or she wears comfortable and safe athletic clothing. Boys can wear T-shirts and shorts or sweatpants. Girls can wear a leotard alone or with tights (without feet), shorts, or sweatpants, or a T-shirt instead of a leotard. Shorts and pants with elastic waistbands are best. We ask that our gymnasts go barefoot to help prevent slipping on the equipment. Also, please be sure all medium or long hair is pulled back and secured tightly with an elastic. Fancy barrettes or clips may hurt your child's head during rolls. Please keep all jewelry and watches at home, as we are not responsible for them being lost or misplaced and gymnasts will be asked to remove these items for the safety of themselves and the spotters.


What if I have questions about my child's instructor, who should I talk to?

If at any time you have a comment or concern with a particular teacher, please come into the office and leave a message for an owner or manager to call you back. We will contact you to discuss your concerns. We want you to feel comfortable with your child's teacher, and we will switch your child to another class if we are unable to resolve the situation. If you have concerns in this area you may also email Tammy at

What are the teachers like at Bailie's? 

At Bailie's, we hire great people to work with our students. All of our staff members are trained with managers and other staff members before being allowed to teach classes alone. We also require all of our staff to attend regular staff meetings and workshops in order to keep up with this ever-changing sport.

As with any business, some amount of turnover is inevitable. We know this is frustrating for the parents and students, and we assure you that we try to limit turnover as much as possible. However, sometimes staff members leave to go away to school, move out of the area, or take a full-time career position. In those cases, we try to make the change as smooth as possible by having the new staff member teach the class with the teacher who is leaving before the change occurs. Unfortunately, some staff members do not give adequate notice and in those cases the changes happen more abruptly. We apologize for any inconvenience you may experience in this area, and please know that we try very hard to avoid those situations.

When will my child move up to the next level? 

Each student moves up at his or her own pace. Each student has a check-off sheet of the skills necessary to pass off before moving to the next level. As soon as all the skills are passed off, the instructor will recommend that your child move up to the next level. At this point, the office will contact you with the days and times available. The coaching staff makes selection into the Competitive Team Program.

Please email Sharon at  for more information about the Competitive Team Program.


What can I expect from Bailie's?

Safety, positive reinforcement, and fun are only three things you can expect for your gymnast. At Bailie's Gymnastics, your child's safety comes first. Our gym is fully matted around each piece of equipment. We require ALL staff members to become U100 certified with USA Gymnastics (the national governing body of our sport).

We believe that all gymnasts, regardless of skill level, will benefit from participation in gymnastics. We structure classes so that each student progresses at his or her own rate, and moves up as soon as he or she can do the skills safely and correctly. We believe in positive reinforcement and in teaching skills in many different ways to reach kids of all learning styles. We require ongoing training for ALL of our staff members, regardless of whether they are just joining us or are veterans. We know that gymnastics is FUN, and we want to share the joy of gymnastics with our students. We love kids, and we love gymnastics...what a great combination!

Anything else?

​At Bailie's, we pride ourselves on providing a safe, fun, and positive environment for teaching gymnastics. If at any time you need help with something, please come in and ask. The office staff can answer many questions. Your child's instructor can answer specific questions regarding your child's progress. The office staff can schedule a meeting with your child's instructor or you can speak to the instructor before or after class. Please let us know if you have any comments or questions about our policies. We want your experience with us to be as positive as possible!