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Top 5 Teacher Traits That Parents Have

By: Tamara Bailie

Are you a Parent? You already have Job Experience!

Sometimes we will get people who see our signs advertising for instructors or substitute instructors, and they will say that they do not have any teaching experience needed for the job. One of the best experiences for teaching with us is being a parent!

There aren’t too many things that can give you experience in working with kids quite like the experience you gain from parenting.

Here are five of the Top Teacher Traits that parents have:

  • Patience

    Parents have practice every day at being able to see both the big picture and the steps to getting there. We know that not all learning is going to happen in one big leap, but in many small steps. Parents learn early on to celebrate every single step.

  • Flexibility

    Nothing requires flexibility more than raising a child. Those little kiddos are never predictable, and being able to adjust your plans and expectations is something that parents do all day, every day.

  • Adaptability

    All parents know that when you’re working with kids, you’ve gotta adapt. That means accepting that what we wanted to happen may not be exactly what is going to happen, and that is okay. Sometimes the magic happens in those unexpected moments.

  • Understanding

    Parents know that when we stop to look at things from a child’s point of view, our own perspective changes. We know that there are lots of ways to get from here to there, and often times when we understand where a child is coming from, we can help that child find the best way for him/her to get there.

  • Humor

    Working with kids, whether parenting or teaching, is filled with humor. They are perpetual sources of laughter and silliness and they’ll keep you laughing. Parents find it easy to roll with the surprises and keep things moving.

If you are interested in turning your Parent Experience into a teaching or substitute teaching position, let us know!

  • We provide all of the training on which skills are taught at which level, how to spot safely, and how the Gymnastics side of things works.  

  • There are morning, afternoon, and evening classes available, so you can choose times that work with your schedule!

  • Work when the kids are at school, or choose an afternoon or evening when you’d like to both work with kids AND get a chance to talk to some other adults in a fun and positive work environment.

And the best part is that you can work in exchange for your own child’s classes!